To give you something special, something that people will comment on every time they see it, evoking emotion and style.

Our Services

Timber Flooring company Brisbane Australia
Fully Customized ideals and services.

1. Sanding and polishing of new floors.
2. Restoration sanding of old floors or damaged floors.
3. Restoration sanding of old decks and verandas.
4. Sanding and finishing of new decks and verandas.
5. Supply of most quality brand timber products.
6. Installation of European style parquetry.

7. Installation of T&G flooring, secret nail & Top nailed systems.
8. Installation of direct stick T&G flooring (direct to concrete).
9. Installation of engineered floating floors.
10. Concrete preparation.
11. Moisture proofing and soundproofing.
12. Installation of decking nailed and screwed systems.

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